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China to stress economic growth over arresting global heating June 4, 2007

Posted by Brian Angliss in 2008 Campaign, Energy & the Environment, Environment, Foreign Policy, Global warming.
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According to Deutsche Welle this morning, the official Chinese position on economic growth and global heating is that economic growth trumps global heating.

“There is especially no research that details the economic impact of a two-degree restriction, nor what kind of influence such a target would bring on the development of each nation.” (Ma Kai, the minister of China’s key Reform and Development Commission, quoted from Deutsche Welle’s article above)

According to the IPCC report that China signed last month, the cost in global economic growth is expected to be approximately 0.12 percent growth in GDP. Note that this simply a slowdown in the current rate of growth, not an actual shrinkage in GDP.

Ma is either misinformed or is outright lying. (more…)


Evolving a culture of learning April 6, 2007

Posted by @Doc in 2008 Campaign, culture of learning, Education, educational reform.
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The biggest challenge we face is one of momentum: America is not, and never has been, an intellectual culture. We do not, however much we might protest, live in a nation that treasures teaching and learning. On the list of things that we care about, education falls well to the south of things like entertainment and sports. Worse, in Instant GratificatioNation there is little tolerance for long-term solutions. We want it, we want it now, and if you don’t give it to us you will pay.

On the learning front, America is an object at rest, and objects at rest tend to remain that way until acted on by some force. The good news is that if we’re able to set our society in motion, that momentum then becomes something we can leverage in our long drive toward a sustainable culture of education.

The Culture of Education plank is now posted.

Ted Kennedy doing his part in the War on Education April 3, 2007

Posted by @Doc in 2008 Campaign, Education, No Child Left Behind, No Child Left Untested, Ted Kennedy.

Our much-beloved senior senator from the state of Massachusetts is stumping for a massive No Child Left Untested Behind re-up, and we ought to all be concerned. As the footer to the article notes, Teddy was one of the authors of the act. He’s kind enough to acknowledge that it’s not perfect legislation and does point to important concerns (you need to fund the damned mandates, for instance), and I think we all agree with the stated goals – stronger standards, better teachers, a system that prepares students for the challenges we’re all going to face in the world, etc.

Then again, we all agree that we’d like world peace, too. (more…)

Discipline plank posted April 3, 2007

Posted by @Doc in 2008 Campaign, Education, school discipline.
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One of the most pressing concerns I see in our educational system today is a basic one – some schools are dangerous places. Even where the threat of physical danger isn’t great, administrators and teachers are often asked to manage and warehouse disruptive students whose presence degrades the effectiveness of the teaching environment in ways that materially harm other students.

This can’t continue.

Review the discipline plank here and let me know what you think.

Campaign launches – platform statement posted January 1, 2007

Posted by @Doc in 2008 Campaign.

Hi, and Happy New Year. May 2007 be the best year of our lives so far.

Today I launched the first article of my presidential campaign, the EducationF1rst Statement of Principle, which can be found on the education sub-page linked in the right column of the Platform page. (Press release here.)

As noted earlier, this campaign – our campaign – will build on a single, dominant principle: we have no problems that we cannot solve through education.

Over the coming days and weeks I will be posting my platform a section at a time. I invite your feedback and ideas, as I see this campaign as a collaborative process. The platform will be fluid and subject to revision as new wisdom emerges, and I encourage you to spread the word, inviting others you know into the process.

We won’t agree on every plank – that’s perhaps the only guarantee we have in this initiative. But if we pledge to work together in good faith, I feel certain that we will evolve a campaign that we can all commit to, because the sum of our shared interests will far outweigh our differences on tactical details.

Join with me as we work to shape the American agenda in ways that place the benefits to our culture, our nation and our children ahead of the self-serving, cynical interests that have ushered us to our current state.

Dr. Slammy for America December 28, 2006

Posted by @Doc in 2008 Campaign.

Hi. My name is Sam Smith, and I’m running for President. Kinda.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be launching the official Dr. Slammy in ’08 Web site and rolling out my platform, and as this happens I invite your comments and ideas. In the meantime, please take a minute to read over the About page, which will give a vague sense for where the campaign is coming from.

Stay tuned…for a better America.