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About Sam Smith

An entrepreneur and former university professor, Sam believes passionately that education holds the key to the future of the nation and world.

His faith in the transformational power of learning derives from long personal experience. Born in working class North Carolina and raised by hard-working grandparents who grew up through the Great Depression, he was taught from the time he was a toddler that education was the ticket to a better life. Further, he was taught to believe that people had a responsibility to use their gifts to help others.

Academic excellence defined his school years and the fruits of his education have afforded him opportunities that nobody in his family ever dreamed of. He doesn’t feel like he’s reached the mountaintop, by any means, but his grandparents’ understanding of the value of learning allowed him to at least reach base camp. His presidential campaign is aimed at assuring that every American has the same chances that he did. In short, he believes his story should be the rule, not the exception.




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