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About DS08

My name is Sam Smith, and I’m running for President. Kinda.

America has spent several decades digging itself into a rather deep hole, and our solution to every crisis appears to be…dig some more. Our policies are short-sighted, misguided blunderfests and all too frequently emerge not from intelligent, rational consideration of facts but from blind ideology, dogma and overt corruption.

When you spend generations digging a hole, you’re not going to climb out in a couple years – no matter what you do. There can be no instant gratification for our nation’s ills. But there is a path back to global leadership.

The cornerstone of my campaign is the EducationF1rst© initiative. In my administration, America will place teaching and learning at the pinnacle of our priority list, and as the EdF1rst© name suggests, we will fund our future without compromise.

Of course, education isn’t solely about money, and the realization that, over time, learning is the key to solving all our problems doesn’t mean that we can safely ignore the manifest symptoms that have resulted from doing things wrong for so long. Energy, the environment, crime, foreign policy debacles and inane military misadventures, the looming shadow of Islamic terrorism and even socially sensitive issues like abortion – all present challenges for any administration, mine included. The difference, with all due respect to the political parties that engineered this mess, is that I’m proposing an intelligent roadmap to sustainable solutions, and my platform catagorically rejects the fallacious “left/right” ideological trap that has enabled most of our worst policies.

I don’t have all the answers, and I fully understand my personal limitations. But I do have a plan and a process for leading us to the right answers in the shortest timeframe possible. It starts by engaging the smartest, most thoughtful minds in America and building out a network for our rapid return to greatness.

America needs our support. We face the most significant threats to our freedoms and opportunities that we have ever faced, and sadly, not all those threats come from without. Victory can be ours, if only we have the courage and wisdom to tap our greatest national resource – the American mind. Our intellect and ingenuity can surmount any challenge, but if we’re to win we must begin today.

Like the old saying goes, when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Sam Smith, PhD
Boulder CO
December 26, 2006


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2. Chris Chapman - December 28, 2006

Hey Slammy!

Count me in on this. You have a great idea here. If there is anything I can help you with in Western New York, let me know. I will, of course, be adding by cent-and-a-jalf here as time goes and I have somethng I feel is productive.

Let’s get this thing rolling!

3. drslammy - December 29, 2006

Thanks. This is going to be fun. A lot of work, but hopefully something worthy comes of it.

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