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New plank – organization and administration January 3, 2007

Posted by @Doc in Education.

While we’re going to talk about “throwing money” at things like teacher salaries, it begins with coherent organizational strategy that reflects current needs and dynamics. Without structural reform, my fiscally conservative friends are right – increased spending will fail.

However, within the context of a new administrative model, we can invest budget in ways that will show return.

To review the organization plank, click here. It can also be accessed off the Platform page in the sub-page menu to the right.



1. sirpaulsbuddy - January 3, 2007

If all “superintendents” and the plethora of associates and assistants who are eliminated summarily, a fabulous amount of money would be freed up to serve students and teachers – and a lot of people who are in education for the wrong reasons would have to find jobs that make them useful members of society….

2. drslammy - January 3, 2007

Ping! And that’s a point that’s key to both the organizational and compensation planks of the platform. First off, let’s see what the money situation looks like once we realign and put our dollars where they belong. Then we’ll see how much extra we need to invest. I feel certain ed spending overall will rise, but a) probably not as much as some would expect, and b) those who currently oppose increased ed spending will probably be more on board with a program that does so and that is designed to guarantee a RETURN on that investment.

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