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Dr. Slammy for America December 28, 2006

Posted by @Doc in 2008 Campaign.

Hi. My name is Sam Smith, and I’m running for President. Kinda.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be launching the official Dr. Slammy in ’08 Web site and rolling out my platform, and as this happens I invite your comments and ideas. In the meantime, please take a minute to read over the About page, which will give a vague sense for where the campaign is coming from.

Stay tuned…for a better America.



1. Marti Smith - December 28, 2006


Did you bump your head in the snow storm of ’06, or possibly hurt your head in a recent car accident? Is it possible that you slipped on the ice that created a loss of memory. which has you temporarily believing in some sense of past political races? Maybe you have been watching too much television or suffering from some rare internet blog virus? Possibly you have lost your mind in the irrational flurry of the poisoned politcal advertisements in the last election?

2. drslammy - December 28, 2006

I feel like I can win, so long as I’m allowed to define the term “win.”

The political sphere is what it is – which is to say, something you don’t want to get caught downwind of – but my choices are to abandon the whole enterprise to the jackals or to try and do something meaningful.

I think as my platform emerges, what I’m up to will begin to make more sense. And as I said in that e-mail, I know some awfully sharp folks. That I can take some faith in.

It would be wonderful if you were part of the team.

3. sirpaulsbuddy - December 29, 2006

Well, I’m here. What now?

I also have set up my own wordpress blog, Wottsamatta U, which will have nothing to do with this endeavor. It’s mostly a place to post stuff that doesn’t fit the Truffle. I want it to focus more on writing and writing related items – sort of like B&N and Borders focus on books – and book related items like cd’s, dvd’s, coffee, decorative wrapping paper, games, cookies, posters, toys….


BTW…need a running mate…? I’m roughly as competent as Perot’s guy Admiral Stockdale…and I’m certainly more alive….

4. David Schleicher - January 2, 2007

Is this a total mockery, or are you seriously running? Any blog that contains the word “kinda” makes me weary. Though I do applaud your basic platform built around education. How do you plan to make education the primary focus of federal, state, and local spending–and does more spending actually mean real improvement, or are we just going to end up throwing money at it? It’s good to talk about, but how will Dr. Slammy put into action this idea? In other words, to beat the old cliche like a dead horse, you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

5. drslammy - January 2, 2007

Let’s see – several things here. First, as to my seriousness, this is something I touch on in my press release. The edf1rst initiative is a very serious platform proposal that I will make as much noise about as possible, and with luck can get it in front of the “real” players. I’m not silly enough to think of this as serious in the “I can be president” sense of the word, though.

Next, the “throwing money at it” question. VERY good question it is, too. As the platform rolls out, you’ll see that I want to deal with this in multiple ways. First, massive reorganization of the ed infrastructure, which is currently an ineffective, inefficient bloatfest. Second, we will by god throw money at teacher salaries, because that’s the only way to recruit a higher quality teacher. Some of the teachers we have today are absolute all-stars, but the overall level isn’t about the best, it’s about the best we can attract at bargain basement wages. Third, we will aim to realign the entire budgeting process by funding education FIRST. Before defense, before social programs, before everything. This isn’t to say that these other things don’t matter – they do – but we have to get our priorities straight. Education is the path to the future and we can’t keep putting the future last.

Finally, Dr. Slammy doesn’t consider himself a one-man show. Then again, I have a history of being a fairly bright guy with great experience and a track record of getting things done well when properly resourced. Sometimes even when NOT properly resourced. The goal here is to establish a smart, coherent, insightful strategic platform that can then serve as a roadmap for reform.

If I had authority to deploy the resources that a president has (hell, even a Sec of Education), I’m more than confident I could pull together a team that would beat the socks off anything we’ve seen in the last 30 years. Granted, that’s not setting the bar real high…

Stay tuned. You’re thinking about this the right way and asking the right questions. I welcome that.

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